Red Sands Christian School encourages all children and teachers to attend weekly services at a local church. We also encourage children to serve and show the love of Christ as much as possible. The school believes that the more we serve; the more we become like Jesus and that leads to a life that is blessed.

In order for us to help the school children, and the community, we offer several ways for the children and adults to get involved:

  • LIFEHouse Christian Church has services each Sunday at 11am. Everyone is welcome and there are also classes for additional Bible study at 10am. The church offers Bible studies for adults during the week as well as a youth night for Jr./Sr. high on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm.
  • Least of These Ministry is a way to serve the street people in Winslow. Dawn Springer leads this ministry and anyone is welcome to help her on Saturday mornings at 8:30am. She takes food, clothing and prayers to the people living on the streets. This ministry also has special events where hot cooked meals, prepared in Winslow, are offered with devotions and prayer time. Many students as well as parents have been involved with this ministry.

  • Meal packing events. This food is generally packed for Haiti, but the packaging has been done by the school kids and the church. We also travel with the equipment and allow churches all over the country to serve alongside friends and family. This ministry is a part of serving the hungry right where we are. More information on this can be found at Lifeline’s main website by clicking here.
  • Peanut butter drives. Peanut butter is a great protein source and is used in Haiti a lot for people who are starving. The peanut butter is also used for our street ministry to make sure they are getting a source of protein as well.
  • Mission trips are also a great way to serve. We have teams come and interact with the school children and community. The teams will work along side children from Red Sands Christian School in cleaning up the grounds, painting projects or other various tasks that are needed. It is great to see the teams interact and teach how to serve others while showing love to the children.